Venue & Event Rules


Please be considerate to other members

If a door is closed, DO NOT enter

We have several play areas to choose from, feel free to use them at your leisure

If you make use of our toys and equipment, please leave them on the floor when you are done, so that our staff may collect and clean them

All sex toys are to be used with condoms

Safe Sex is recommended at all times, at fetish haven we are all about safe sex and consent

please place used condoms and wipes into the dustbins supplied in each area

NO Drinking, Eating or Smoking in any of the rooms

Consent is required, if you wish to play with someone, ask them

However a NO is a NO. Not a Maybe, Not a lets try Later


Covid-19 rules & Regulations apply

Face Masks to be worn @ all times

Social distancing and sanitising measures need to be adhered to.


Venue Rules must be Respected - right of admission reserved

We Kink as One !

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