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Upcoming Events at FetishHaven

Sat 23 Jan 2021
Nude in Heels
Naughty Adult Party
starts 3pm
come Join us and have FUN

SAT 30th Jan
Back To School
Fetish. Impact Play
Naughty Adult Party
Dress in your version of School wear
How kinky are you?
3 Pm to 8 Pm

Naughty Single  Adult Party
Dress in your version of kink
How Naughty are you?
Starts 3pm till Late

12 February 2021
Naughty Cupid Night
starts at 6pm
All Kinks welcome
Dress to impress
Who knows what may happen

14 FEB 2021
Kinky Valentines Party
-Impact Play
- Bdsm
-Public Play
Starts at 3 pm

Party Protocol aka Good Manners

We have hosts who generously give of their time, energies and data to to host Parties,which helps the community to grow and flourish.
The Hosts are involved with scheduling, organising, planning, inviting, accepting,and finally hosting Fabulous Parties.

Weeks before the scheduled party, the hosts must interact with several potential guests, answering questions, as well as turning away potential party goers, in order to keep the numbers in Ratio, ie mainly the single males to the number of interested couples and single females. Many members express an interest, as well as those who do book, and the some Bookings are eventually accepted.

Especially in these times of limits to the attendance to any gatherings, imposed by lockdown procedures, these hosts must keep the final numbers in mind, along with the venue capacity, and the desired atmosphere outcome.
Once a Booking has been approved by the Hosts, its only fair to everyone interested that the "approved" booker attends the party, or if need be, cancels their booking to open up an attendance spot to  another eager party goer.

When fifty members have been approved, why is it only one third of the attendance list which actually pitches.???

Why is it acceptable behaviour to blow off the party without sending appologies???

Why is it acceptable to place a tag on a profile, which has  a approved booking, stating this profile is a "NO-SHOW" to parties ???

Too often there are laments from being a segment of the site members stating it is so hard for single males to be accepted by other site members.
Could this possibly be a result of the members who push to be accepted to parties, then dont have the Good Manners to cancel their booking, which would allow attendance to someone who would actually like to join the community, and who does have the intregrity to attend parties to which they have booked.

Our Generous Hostsgive their energies to help the community expand and gel.
Clearly, two thirdss do not appreciate these efforts by affording the common courtisy of cncelling an approved booking.

Do you wish to be accepted into the community ?? Then PLEASE, follow through with your word, and your approved Booking, or Cancel that booking and allow a serious lifestyler to enjoy the site party.

By attending a party, lifestylers get to know you are serious in being embraced by the community.

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