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About Fetish Haven

About Fetish Haven
The venue was created to provide a safe space where all Fetishes are embraced and Respected.
Fetish Haven SA is owned and managed by Miss Vee also known as Mistress Cleo and her team of amazing Kink Professionals and Practioners,who understand the need  a safe, modern and unique Fantasy space for Adults to explore, indulge and escape into a world of Pleasure, in whichever way you wished to create …
Secure indoor parking and 24 hour street patrol guarantees your absolute privacy and safety when visiting this 500sqm renovated warehouse of Uniqueness.
This is where Pleasure, Pain, Fetish, Fantasy, Erotica, BDSM, Perversion, Sensualism, Fashion, Freakish or Bizarre have a home.
Everyone is welcome regardless of Colour/Race/Creed, Sexual Preference, Size or Shape.
LGBTQ friendly and we encourage Safe, Sane & Consensual Play.

Fetish Haven SA is truly all into Kink, Fetish, BDSM and Alternative Lifestyle living.
We are excited to introduce all our different Spaces for your Private Indulgence and Escape.
Fetish Haven offers:
Dungeon Hire
Fantasy space hire
Venue Hire for functions
Workshops on all Kinks
Couple Therapy
Crossdressing Therapy
Mistress / Dom Sessions
Bdsm Parties
Swinger Parties
Bi / Gay Parties

Upcoming Parties
Please note that due to the Corona virus and regulations imposed by South African Government we have decided to scale down access to the Venue.
We will currently be hosting a maximum of 100 people for  Fun Time / Social events  from 2 pm till 11 pm for now with bar facilties.
The venue can still be booked for Private Overnight Sessions
Mistress Cleo is also available for private sessions.

Pandora's Purple Mirrors and Swing PlayRoom
Overnight Stay and Play in our Mirrors and Swing Bedroom, is another option for Couples or naughty kinksters to indulge and reconnect. The love swing has mirrors and you can ..
Cleopatra's Four-Postered Fantasy BedRoom
Overnight stay and play is truly a treat for any couple in this Love Nest of Sexiness and Charm. This is where sensual kisses BDSM with soft touches of tease ..
Moulin Rouge Bedroom
Overnight Stay and Play in this Moulin Rouge Bedroom, is another option for Couples or naughty kinksters to indulge and reconnect.
Lady Godiva Bedroom
The Lady Godiva Bedroom is another sexy sensual room for couples and naughty kinksters to indulge or even enjoy an overnight stay and play
The Dali Lama Massage Haven
Sensual massages with Tantric to guide you to an eruption of pleasure and release: This is where sensual and erotic are always in-charge and if you are shy and still ..
Lucifer's Dungeon
Our dungeon is beyond impressive and furnished with; The Bondage stock, The Cross, The Bondage/spanking table, The bondage bed and cage, The Shocker Fuck machine, Dildos, Strapons, Wands, Vibrators, Butt ..
Ru Paul's Transformation Parlor
Crossdressing is one of our passions at Fetish Haven SA and we go all out when it comes to transforming any man into a beautiful sexy woman. Crossdressing Services are ..
Perverse Medical Klinik
The Perverse Medical Klinik is run by Dr Von Tranz, when used for transformation sessions which sometimes includes saline breast infusions. Sterile and fully equipped with all medical plasters, needles,
..Cell V Block Prison & Interrogation Unit
BDSM fantasy scenarios and role-play of Hostage/Prison/Interrogation and Kidnapping happens here. Safety words and Consent is always key, but here there is no mercy.
Judicial caning is our speciality.

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